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Speaking from EU, we bought the panels in Luxembourd, 3 years ago, 0.5€/W, on sale, and the inverter, good quality, recently, at half price, pur sine, 4000W with 8000W burst. Can't remember the price of the charge controller, Outback Flex80. Batteries, Rolls 604 4x6V, in Spain.
From reading I think in the US you can't buy imported (Chinese!) panels with out a heavy tax, they have to be US fabrication.
DIY isn't that complicated, and there are loads of books and videos to help.
We had a big delay as we bought a house with a roof which leaked like a shower, literally, a fault hidden by the seller, a charmer at 85 years old! Our insurance was USELESS (and shortly after threw us out, when a tree fell in a storm!), so it took time for roof repairs.
We also have water heater panels, (about half the price in Poland, with a boiler and the accessories! The transport was cheaper than from the town at 20km!) but if they were as cheap as they are now, I'd go for Hybrid water/PV ones. They give more electricity as the panels lose capacity on heating, but as they are cooled by heating the water, that is no issue. Free electricity AND free hot water

There are also hybrid PV/air panels, if you have air heating.
I prefer hot water, perso.

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Talking Us solar

In May I added a 3.5KW grid tie system to my house. I looked up how to do it myself and installed it all for $1.6 per W before the tax credit I figure a 5.6 year Payback given MI still has full metering in my area. FYI consumers energy as of 7/23/18 said that 21% of the tier cap has been used up and 25% of tier 2. they are also not planning to submit a new rate case until late next year so in theory we have until the end of 2019 to get net metering. DTE customers have until the newly submitted rate plan is approved (
call and complain its bad) which takes 3-10 months from June.

I went through Alt E they had the best prices and helpful sales/ design people. I would recommend calling them and they can help you design your system and racking!

i went with solar edge HD inverter and 10 350W solar world 72 cell modulus. I used iron ridge racking and it was a straight forward install.

I have caught the solar bug hard core and am very will to talk anyone's ear off about it. I also have some design software so I can gin up ROI calcualtions and layouts.

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