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Default Surplus: new 15W 4' LED tubes, $5 each

Long story short, I bought these at auction from a freight company. It was an ocean-container-full; 22,000 of them.

We ended up not being able to use them for the project they were bought for. (Customer/friend went with high-bays instead.)

They are a really, really good quality LED tube; compared to the samples I bought off of Amazon, well, there IS no comparison -- these blow them away! Here is the UPC code, which shows what these sold for at Office Depot and other places:

Instead of $40 each, I'm pricing them to move at $5! If you find them on Amazon, those are my listings, and you'll note we're selling them there for $8.50+ each.

If you use these lights 8 hours a day, they will pay for themselves in 8 months, compared to fluorescents. At our office, we saw a 50% drop in our power bill. Look at the last picture, and see how our August bill dropped from $650 to $230!

Our office is in Matthews, NC. Drop me a line, and you can come by and see them. We stand behind them 100%; if you want to return them, no problem... but you won't want to. The light is so much better than fluorescents, plus there's no hum, no need to replace them again, no ballasts to screw with, etc. Do note, though, that you need to bypass the ballasts when you install these. It is an absolute cinch to to, and I'll be happy to talk you through it.

If you want testimonials, let me know. I can give you LOTS. We've been sharing these with NC/SC folks for about 2 years now. There's just so dang many of them! (I think we're down to about 10,000). You will NOT regret switching out your fluorescents for these.

They come 12 to a case. Shipping runs roughly $25 a case (they are oversized, so that jacks it up a bit; 4 cases can be strapped together, which drops it to about $1/per tube.)



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