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Default Humidity control in winter

I live in Texas where it is always humid. We can be at or below freezing and the humidity can be 80%. So no bathroom vent fans or cooking or whatever is not to blame in fact if you run them you will increase the indoor humidity by pulling in air with more humidity than is being sucked out of the house....

Unfortunately there is little done in this field because 99.999% of home performance research and information is into the simple act of keeping a house warm in a cold climate as the researchers only tackle the low hanging fruit...

Our house is roughly 1700sqft and I need a few recommendations on dehumidifiers that are relatively quiet and efficient. Unless someone knows of some other magical way of reducing indoor humidity. Looking for a real dehumidifier not one of those peltier junction ones that barely removes any moisture.

Oh and recently we have gone from the low 40s up to 79* yesterday (warmer today) and all that time the lowest the humidity has been is 87%. It's 56* right now and 99% humidity.... Yeah nasty sticky weather. I miss growing up in Hawaii where the air was drier...

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