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Default More about my panels

I have been thinking about this some more and have more ideas as to getting this to safely work.
Assuming the approx. 500 volt no load output of the panel strings is correct several things come to mind which I believe could make this work safely.
I would plan for there to be 3 PC supplies with their primaries wired in series so able to handle 1020 volts input ( peak values of 240 v AC ) which should be safely above what would be present.

First is that if they were originally fitted at night then surely the output of the panels would rise slowly so quite possibly it would give time for the power supply units to start up without damage.

Second I could wire a 250 volt AC varistor and 220 microfarad electrolytic capacitor in parallel across the input of each unit to prevent it being damaged by over voltage. The varistor I looked at reacts in <50 ns and can handle 100 amps.

I could set up each psu to have a default minimum draw from one of it's outputs so it always placed a load on the system if it was running.

Of course I have not been able to find out what happens if the power demand is less than the panel string can deliver. As it is I believe these have an open circuit voltage specification which, as far as I can see isn't much greater than the on load voltage and so should not be a problem
Does this all sound reasonable or not?

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