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Originally Posted by Maury View Post
I think that's only referring to the flooded Nickel-Iron, which makes sense since they're made in an older shop that had to be making flooded batteries back in '71. Note that the original post has a link to the nickel iron page, but the photo is of the case for the lithium iron.

Edison is mum on the source for their LiFePO4 line, but from the photo and the specs they look like CALBs, the most common cells by far. CALB = China Aviation Lithium Battery Co.

But what's with the price? Unless I'm missing something, the 180AH LiFePO4 unit at $6213 is just $1000 worth of cells and $150 worth of straps and BMS, with a pretty blue $5063 box.
$5063.00 WOW!

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Originally Posted by creeky View Post
These look like balqon lithium kits repackaged and retailed. Not a very appealing price point. Caveat emptor.

Lead acid is unsuitable for off grid solar. Too expensive. Too much maintenance. Too poor performance. And how. 10 year life span is outlier performance. 2 years is average in the RV community.
I find most RV people clueless as to how to design, build and maintain a solar power system. They all come on the solar-electric dot com forum making clueless rookie mistakes like using starting batteries, running the batteries dead before bothering to charge them and buying the cheapest junk batteries they can find. And asking why their batteries only last a year or 2. It's amazing they even get 2 years out of them.

Lead acid had been used in solar power systems for ad long as their have been solar panels.

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