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Old 06-17-13, 02:57 PM   #11
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Finally replaced the 2nd 13L Eljer flush toilet (lower storey) with a 6L Foremost Opal over the past Saturday, and I couldn't be more happier: flush was strong, rim wash was surprisingly good if not thorough, etc. Wifey was quite satisfied with the outcome so far.

I'm going to transfer my two 13L Eljer to my MIL place to replace her cracked Crane toilets sometime this weekend.

With 2 out of 3 toilets replaced with 6L flush type, I guess I'm in good shape now for years to come.

Oh and BTW: in case you wonder: I've done some research on the origin of these Foremost toilets, and found their OE supplier (manufacturer):

(TungShan Huida group):

Huida Ceramic_Sanitary Ware

Huida Ceramic_Sanitary Ware_About Us

Seems to be a fairly large, if not capable manufacturer in this case.


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Old 06-21-18, 05:18 AM   #12
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I bought a Kohler with an elongated bowl toilet last year. Looks good, and flushes first time every time.
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I replaced our toilets 8 years ago shortly after we bought the house. The old toilets were commercial brand units that used allot of water. There was no change in the water bill because the minimum usage amount is so high. So that water we pay for now goes on the yard. I usually get our usage around the minimum so we arent paying for water we arent using.

I went with the toilets sold at sams club. They are $89 and basically a copy of the drake. They are from a canadian company as well.
They are the two button type and come with everything in the box however i use silicone seals as wax seals are junk. They are elongated bow and taller so you don't feel like you are squatting in the woods like old toilets used to be. Flush performance is very good as well as bowl wash and the seat is even a soft close and comfortable... The only upgrade i would make to our toilets would be to go with a pressure toilet.

I have also installed them in my parents house and they have been happy with them as well.

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