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Default LoudBasstard


The concept of passive amplification was not an invention of loudbasstard. It's been done with cups, glasses, and bowls. That, coupled with the abundance of natural resources in the Visayas as well as Cebuano hand craftsmanship were key elements in the design process of this product.

The two creators of it all are Koh Onozawa and Franz Ignacio. Koh is an anthropologist and Franz is a furniture designer but they knew they wanted to work together for a while. The uncommon pairing actually worked quite well…Franz being able to offer quality designs and Koh bringing in a social aspect along with a strong desire to help empower the Filipino community. At first it started out with the idea of making an iPad case they called “Butler”. When that didn’t work out, they were on the search for the next best invention. Initially the loudbasstard was inspired by Koh’s girlfriend Julie. They went out one night and Julie decided to use a cup to amplify music coming from their iPhone (smarter than the guys using their mouths to echo the sound). That simple gesture gave way to the possibility of making an actual apparatus for this sole purpose. Loudbasstard wasn’t created to replace speakers or your home sound system, but to provide a personal sound amplifier that is organic in design and environmentally friendly as it uses no electricity. Each piece is cut and dyed by hand, by local craftsmen here in Cebu Philippines.There's an entire army of people behind loudbasstard. For whatever reason, a lot of people tend to purchase mass produced products. Leaving these craftsmen with a lack of demand. However by purchasing a loudbasstard you're helping us help them provide for their families and ultimately improve upon their quality of life. We want to foster an economic growth. Everything we do in terms of who we employ and where we create, is all within the Philippines, specifically Cebu. We also pay homage to our cultural heritage by using traditional techniques in cutting and shaping the bamboo. Who knows how to handle bamboo better than a family that's done it for generations? Not someone who simply was taught how to press buttons on a machine. They learn one on one lessons from their ancestors. Finally, the Philippines is a jungle. Nature is something the whole loudbasstard team strongly enjoys. For the past couple weeks we have been going up to Cantipla regularly to enjoy exactly what the Philippines has to offer. Preserving the beautiful forests, whatever the main vegetation is, is key. Everything else just kind of unfolded and it became the awesome product that is now available.

I'm about to order one for my sound tripping needs...

I just hope it'll be satisfied with what I get..I feel I have to support the local craftsmen...

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Neat, but the link page is blank.
In it for the money (savings)
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Blank? It's got video, a gallery, several menus and a link to a shop ...
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I like this one better.. It has more Brass. (And uses a lot less battery power).

JPro Studios iGramaphone.MOV - YouTube

Wow, this one really has some BRASS!

triple trouble - YouTube

My hobby is installing & trying to repair mini-splits
EPA 608 Type 1 Technician Certification ~ 5 lbs or less..

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