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Default deep freeze to fridge conversion

So I have seen a couple well documented conversions on the internet. Nobody ever gives up which thermostat they used though. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Originally Posted by scottorious View Post
So I have seen a couple well documented conversions on the internet. Nobody ever gives up which thermostat they used though. Anyone have any suggestions?
I'm really interested in that conversion also. I bought a nice thermostat from a home-brewing store here, in the town where I live. They had two models, each well-made. The less expensive one was an analog unit, and the more expensive unit had a digital readout. I figured that once I got the converted freezer up & running, and got the temperature dialed in, the LED readout would be a useless expense, so I bought the analog unit.

Unfortunately, I have several projects going on and the temperature controller has gotten misplaced amidst the chaos. So, until I re-discover it, my conversion project is on hold.

I don't know if you have a Kill-a-Watt, but it will be super useful for you to log power use.

Also, having a top-access refrigerator will call for some retraining.

BTW, I have a small freezer in the cellar that has been in service for about 25 years. My Kill-a-Watt indicates that it is consuming about $25 per year. With your reduced duty cycle, your new refrigerator should run at very low cost and last you a very long time!

Good luck with your project...

[* I'm sure that any freezer will work very well and at minimum expense, but I did notice that in the project that Tom Chalko did, he started with the most efficient freezer he could get. *]


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I've done these for dedicated lab operations several times. For basically, standard operation, I use a Dayton Controls 2E206 temperature controller, you can buy them from Graingers and other places. They're around + or - 2 degrees F. For precision applications I've used the CN370 series programmable temperature controllers from Omega or a similar Red Lion control. Both about three times the price of the Dayton, not counting the addition of the thermocouple and relay needed.


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