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Default 75 Things You Can Compost, But Thought You Couldn't

I found this rummaging around today. Pretty interesting. I haven't been composting much cardboard/paper stuff, but I normally recycle it... I suppose composting is a bit better than recycling. Anyone have ideas on that? I think dryer lint and vacuum cleaner bag contents are other good ones.

75 Things You Can Compost, But Thought You Couldn't : Planet Green

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i've seen most of that list. While I was still getting a news paper, i shredded/composted half, recycled the rest, now i don't get it, so i just have a stash when i need it for things. particularly used the news paper cause i think it counts as a 'brown' when i have far to much 'green'

latex??? really???

anyway, i've haven't been putting MUCH in my bin(s) lately. Stopped bagging what i mow (quicker not to have to stop and unload, so i just mulch) though, now that I'm thinning out the garden, that all went in the bin. it does amaze me how quick things break down though. I don't have much compost, but the bin is nearly empty after topping it off several times while mowing.
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It is so dry here in summer that it takes forever for anything to break down unless I turn the pile daily and add water. I would not be willing to compost cheese or ice cream. I think they would stink unless it was a hot pile. If I had a barrel composter I would be more willing to try the various items on the list.
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Huh...I'm gonna have to remember that list next time I have to go pee while gardening or mowing the grass and I don't want to run inside. Just lift the lid and away we go.
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Very neat list! I, too, am suspicious about the longevity of the latex. I will try the balloons before any other items.... might be awkward when gardening a year or two later.

I need a barrel composter - when I put stuff like bread or pasta in the pile, we have a possum that digs through the grass clippings and eats it.

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