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The Gardener
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Default Garden tiiiiiiimeeeeeee!!!!

Ok, so it's that time of year which I love...thinking about what I'm going to do in my garden and how to place the vegetables this year. It's good to switch things around from year to year, so I'm trying to think of how to place them and still get an efficient amount of lighting on all my plants for the ones that need more sun, and get the ones in the moist area that need more moisture. Last year wasn't too bad, but I think my tomatoes got too dry, and my onions got too moist.

So here is a drawing of my garden. The fence causes shade until about 11:00-noonish. Then it gets the sun all the way till the night. I had tomatoes along there last year and they did pretty well. The south side is the moistest side and it does get sun, but it stays very moist most of the time. I am thinking of putting lettuse there as lettuse doesn't need as much sunlight and likes moist conditions. I was going to put my tomatoes in the west side to see how that goes, but then later on in the day, they'll block the sun forom hitting the other plants, but maybe not enough to actually make a difference. And I was going to put the onions near the north where it is hotter and dryer, which they like.

So I'm leaving this up in the air. I have in my head mostly what I'd like to do (I purchased a good gardening book last year after the summer and it gave me some ideas), but before I say anything, I'd like to hear what some of you all have to think first. Let me know what you think.

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