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Originally Posted by redneck View Post

Your answer is right there in bold.

But, no digging required…

Install a “U” shaped pipe inside your well casing along side your existing supply line from your pump and connect it to the city water line.

The “U” shaped pipe will act as a heat sink for the city water.

Just remember that you will need to size the pipe accordingly. 200’ of 3/4” pipe would probably have reduced flow. 1” dia. pipe should be about perfect. Then fully insulate the pipe running from the well to the house.

Do it and report back…😉



Unfortunately there isn't room in the casing for that. There is barely enough room for the pump and the drop pipe.

I did just test to see what our current water temp is and it was 87* which is pretty common this time of year when it's been 106+ for two months straight. Another month and a half of it left too.

I did talk to the city water treatment guy and they said they are increasing the amount of whatever they put in the water here because they have been seeing some not so nice stuff in the water tested from the areas with high water temps. It isn't chlorine as almost no one uses straight chlorine anymore in this area. He did recommend having the water from our house tested by a third party as he has installed a chlorinator on his system because he doesn't like what he sees but they are only allowed so much dosage into the city water.

FYI the slab of my shop is 94* and it's a 20x40 building. Surface temps of the ground are 150-160 during the day so that all heat soaks into the ground.
We haven't had rain in something like 4+ months and not much then. There is no grass anywhere it's all dead brown and crunchy and blowing away. The trees are going dormant and loosing their leaves and looking like fall...

The only upside is we don't really pay to heat water and I take a shower in cold water only as it's still too warm. There is no escape from the heat here. Oh and my irrigation well decided to split the drop pipe or something much worse. Too hot to pull the pump right now.
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