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Default DC well pump

Looking for thoughts/advice/experience. I've got an unused well (6" casing) I'd like to ressurect for watering an ~1/4 acre garden plot. The submersible pump I removed was hanging at about 100'. The water level comes almost to grade with sufficient recovery time (even in August). My thoughts so far lean towards a cistern charged by a small, direct PV powered (no battery), pump situated above grade, shallow well style, with a foot valve 80' or so down the casing.
Any thoughts, suggestions? If you know of a pump that would be a good fit please chime in. Is there a DC controller that would prevent the pump burning up should it draw air?

Thanks, Greg

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i'd recommend a low pressure cut-out switch. that will turn the system off if the pressure ever drops below say, 20PSI on a 40/60 system.

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