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Default Solar Panels and Property Taxes

Doing the math for panels purchased locally at about 45 cents a watt. I think I can get ROI in two years just using them to heat water. Of course that's not the most efficient way to do it but I could get started immediately and worry about the heat pumps and inverters next year.

But I wonder what will happen to my property taxes when the county sees the array on google earth. I bought an acre next to my place several years ago. They doubled the assessment when I cleared it. This year they raised it another 50% when the grass finally started looking like a lawn.

Are higher taxes inevitable if I put a solar array in my yard? I got taxed out of a home in Oregon 35 years ago - don't want to do it again.

OTOH, I think I can put 3-4KW on the roof of my travel trailer which is taxed at a fixed book rate. Suggestions?

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Build your frame on wheels. Tie it down with mobile home tie downs. Make sure all your grounding is done properly. Now it is a mobile unit as opposed to a permanent fixture. In many states there is no additional property tax on mobile/non-permanent structures.
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many states have tax exemptions for solar. you should look into it and see if your state does this.

keeping land zoned a tax friendly way depends on how you use it. turn woods into lawn, they'll rezone it residential. put up a fence and put chickens on it, now it's agricultural, and will be zoned as such - bonus, you get fresh eggs from free range chickens.

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