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Default Wind Energy Systems by Gary L. Johnson

This is the book we used in college for our Energy Systems class. It was a renewable energy class that was half wind and half solar. The wind portion had lots of good information in it, and I tried to buy the book from our school... they were literally just printed out on white printer paper with a card stock front and back, and they wanted $140... I looked at them online at Amazon, and they wanted $160! A simple search on the internet for "Wind Energy Systems Gary L. Johnson" will get you some places where you can download it for FREE. It's an extensive book, and I have to admit I don't remember everything that was in it, but I found it more comprehensive than other wind energy books I have seen. Hopefully people find it useful, and I will try to dedicate some of my time to going over specifics from the book, that is if people would find it useful.

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have you checked out any of the books by Paul Gipe? Wind-Works by Paul Gipe
There is also another new book that is soon to be avalible titled
Power from the Wind: Achieving Energy Independence By Chiras Dan, Mick Sagrillo and Ian Woofenden, the wind site assessment classes I've taken were taught by Mick Sagrillo and were amazing, I've been around wind energy all of my life and I learned alot and in an easy to understand way, he has written alot of articals for home power magazine, solar today and other long standing magazines as well as working with leading wind turbine companies, Mick Sagrillo is also one of the people who my parents have been friends with and bought wind turbine parts from for the last 25+ years.

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Bob McGovern
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Those are all big names in small wind, and very reliable sources. Sagrillo and Woofenden approach wind from the residential installer's POV, so they focus on what works over theory or gee-whiz boosterism. All three of those guys have their axes and grind them hard -- part of the Board Lord Posse over at Yahoo!'s awea.wind.home b**ch-fest. But we forgive them because somebody has to call bull on the cranks and the fraudsters, and to steer newcomers toward good decision-making.

I'll check out Johnson's book, Wyatt -- thanks for the lead!
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