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Default Batten down the hatches

So to keep from further sidtracking the thread about how much power you use I'm starting this thread.

The house is a very fine house in the middle of the street........ok maybe not so much but still.

One story Ranch style house with a full basement and attached garage. 1056 Square feet of living space. Basement is concrete stand up with a concrete floor. Slight drainage issues during downpours.

Heating: 80K BTU furnace installed in 2010 I believe (will need to double check) 80% FUE (bad I know but it's what I've got.) External condenser was stolen before we bought the house.

Currently for cooling we have an 8k BTU window AC that runs full time at 96F and keeps the bedroom about 70F and the rest of the house 80-85 F depending on where you are in the house.

Windows: The garage on on the south side of the house and has one window. A door between the garage and house that is not 100% sealed. The west wall has a huge window and two smaller windows as well as the front door. We have four large trees shading the house most of the day.

Lighting is currently of the CFL variety of the bulbs not replaced. 21 total light bulbs, currently have replaced 9 with LCD bulbs (leaving 12 CFL's.)

Appliances include a refrigerator we just purchased (old was 30+ years old,) a super old freezer (I grew up getting stuff out of this freezer.....,) electric stove, Hi E washer but really old dryer (it's obvious on the bills what days I did laundry.)

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