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Doofus McFancypants
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Default WOW - interesting reading + rant

Rant Alert

I was looking up info on a book my brother was telling me about.
"Ill Wind" - basically scientists use a bioremediation microb to clean up an oil spill and it ends up being airborn and eating ALL plastic.. needless to say - chaos ensues.
Ill Wind

i was searching for "Ill Wind" and found SEVERAL webpages slamming windturbines. Some where old pages back when it was "Cool" to bash windpower - and some were recent.

I am glad people can express there concerns about seeing something they do not agree with- This is america and we have the freedon to do so...
but COME ON PEOPLE. Would you rather see a Wind-turbine's on the horizon or Coal plants - or even worse "Hail Osama" banners.

Steve AKA Doofus
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