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Default DIY Home Air Pressure Test

Photo: iLoveButter has a great article on a DIY solution for a blower door test as an alternative to the professional done test. Their solution is basically to turn on all the exhaust fans in the house and go around with an incense stick or a wet hand to see or feel drafts. [...]Post from:

DIY Home Air Pressure Test


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I gotta say, I loved this idea when I read about it. My house severely suffers from infiltration. Thats why my wonderful R60 attic insulation (bumped up from R20) last year only contributed to a 3.5% reduction in heating. I will be doing this test hopefully in the near future and reporting back with findings.
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Bicycle Bob
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This house has no exhaust fans, and the ones I've seen are not equal to a blower door. To do a self test, I'd round up three or more box fans and tape them into an open window. Or, I'd just wait for strong winds from several directions.

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