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Default What pissed you off today?

Thought Id reintroduce this topic, as it was a popular one before.
So come on guys, time to vent your spleens!

You see things as they are and ask, "Why?" I dream things as they never were and ask, "Why not?" (G. B. Shaw)
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Default Pissing me off

As I age and are subjected to more things around me failing it really tends to raise my blood pressure. It seems I repair or replace one item and three more screw up.

Being a hopeless DIY guy I tend to take on some intense builds. One of my first was a two place aircraft when I was 17 yrs of age. I had it finished when I turned 21. I was working then as a tool and die maker so I had the funds and the equipment at my disposal. I used only aircraft components and materials for the construction and the engine was a true aircraft engine which I had refreshed. The aircraft was to be used to travel and when I pushed the throttle I wanted to make it to my destination without any doubt.!!!

It was the best to invite a girlfriend to a long weekend in Florida Via a light plane ride there and back (2800mile total)

I'm finding commercially produced items made too substandard!!
Here is case in point.!!
The hydraulic caliber brake in the aircraft are made from a cast aluminum body. With all the moisture and heat cycles plus a slightly different alloy of piston the cylinder body corrodes and pits causing the rubber ring to fail and leak.
When your miles away from home and your seeing red hydraulic fluid, its not good
Yes you can hire a aircraft mechanic to replace the o-ring and your good for a month or two. $$$$
Or you can take that piece of ****, machine out the cast aluminum and press in a stainless sleeve never to be troubled again. You would think maybe a high profile manufacture of a aircraft brake component would do that. Those parts aren't cheap but I think the manufacture is!!!
As it happened My other pilot friends had heard about this and I had a lot of business modifying callipers. Seems leaky callipers is an epidemic.!!!

This week zone valves (2) on my solar hot-water system. I had already replaced them twice. Pieces of ****.!! little gear head motors have lost their teeth and this shouldn't happen based on the application. The manual override lever is now made with material so thin it just bends and your unable to operate the valve!!!! OK now the best. I had noticed this past winter frosty pipes down to the valve even though the valve is supposed to be closed!!!! Thermal syphoning from frozen panels. I'm loosing heat energy. PIECES OF ****!!!

I had grabbed the previous valve I had replaced out of the box (spare parts) and operated the valve manually, low and behold the ball refused to seat and I could blow through the valve. WHAT a piece of ****. I hope the corporation was able to reduce the cost to manufacture these valves enough to satisfy the share holders!!!!
These zone valves should last for years. Its a simple device. Should I build these too???
Different valves on their way.
I really don't need to practice soldering valves in every couple yrs.

Makes me wonder how other people tolerate instances such as these. Constant maintenance of sub standard manufacture. Do they just pay to have a service person maintain these things on an ongoing basis and keep smiling blissfully???

Took my computer to be repaired. Tech said the power supply was done and can't get one for a week.!!! I drove to the city picked up a power supply and replaced it myself. Worked for a couple months. AHHH again!!! got one on Ebay Good price. Seems to be operating well its been a few months. Maybe I received a power supply that was built on a Tuesday.

Yes I could go on for a while. But it just makes me OLD and CRANKY

Are there any others feeling similar??

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My girlfriend pissed me off today
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Originally Posted by walterr View Post
My girlfriend pissed me off today
She pissed me off too.

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