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One issue I’m working through at the moment is getting reliable readings from the temperature sensors. As soon as I plug in a fourth sensor, I stop getting readings from all of them. I’ve done a bit of googling and I apparently chose the least recommended configuration for longer wire runs with multiple One Wire sensors, the star, or hub. This is when each sensor is on it’s own wire and they all connect back to the one spot next to the arduino. For larger networks of sensors a daisy-chain configuration is recommended.

Guidelines for Reliable Long Line 1-Wire Networks - Tutorial - Maxim

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ESharp, how is it going with your project, all these years later? Is it still working?

I am researching the drainback principle. Where I have built a few systems, most of every system is a closed system, with anti-freeze (glycol). They do normally NOT drain back.

I am working on combining various technologies, to take solar thermal to a new level of both efficiency, simplicity as well as reliability (and less maintenance)

Space heating/cooling and water heating by solar, Annual Geo Solar, drainwater heat recovery, Solar PV (to grid), rainwater recovery and more ...
Installing all this in a house from 1980, Copenhagen, Denmark. Living in Hong Kong. Main goal: Developing "Diffuse Light Concentration" technology for solar thermal.
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