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Old 01-23-18, 07:09 PM   #21
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Has anyone here used NIMH batteries for solar storage?
I am thinking of trying to use them, instead of Lead acid or Lithium.
If someone has used them, any info as pro and con or setup would be appreciated.
I have 3 100 watt panels and will have approx 1.6KwH of NIMH.
25p10s at 5.5Ah per 10s at 12v nominal. 5.5 x 25 x 12 = 1650 if my math is right.
I am planning on using an arduino to make my own solar controller.

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Old 01-27-18, 10:25 AM   #22
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Crikey, you waited 9 years to make your first post
No reason NiMh shouldn't work fine once you use the correct charging algorithm, the only downside might be the self discharge but I don't think that will be a major obstacle for you.
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Old 01-27-18, 02:09 PM   #23
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Sorry if posted already, I only skimmed the three pages. Niall of Raglan Electric Bikes here in NZ has done exactly what you want to do and
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Old 04-19-18, 01:24 PM   #24
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Back to the actual charge controller though. I have one and used a 24v wall wart plug to the input to top off a 48v Chevy Volt lithium module with it. I love the fact that you can set charge points and it will limit the current flow once reached.

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