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Default Anyone know if a US-made direct-drive washer can be salvaged to make an alternator?


I came across this video about a fellow in New Zealand that has used British-made Fisher-Paykel "smartdrive" direct-drive washing machine motors to build free 3 phase alternators for both hydro-powered alternators and wind turbines. Looking at his videos, it looks like the windings and magnet setup in these motors makes the conversion/modification really easy.

My question is: are there any US distributed washing machines that are made in a similar way (that have a large brushless motor that can be as easily modified to work as an alternator)?

I look forward to all you tinkerer's thoughts on this.

Here's a link to a video that describes his process:

This one shows how he set it up to do his own hydro-power from a very small stream:

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Tidbits I find online indicate Fischer-Paykel operated a plant in Clyde, Ohio, USA between 2005 and 2009 building electric motors for their own products and some Whirlpool products. Since you are looking for something so specific. I'd try a local used appliance shop, see if you can get something for scrap value for your project. Some of my local used appliance shops appear to have deals with the big box appliance delivery guys who "Haul Away" the broken/old used appliances. I'm sure the used appliance guys fix+sell what they can, and scrap what they cannot fix. I know the big box has no use for an old used appliance. You can usually find the used appliance shops locally with a quick glance through Craigslist Appliance section.
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It may be that the newer LG or Whirlpool front loader has the same type of motor. I seem to recall seeing them around and wondered if it was suitable for a rebuilt. Seems that it is.
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Previously I've seen turbines made with dc treadmill motors, not an alternator though.

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