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Default home made blower door?

Im not sure if this have been done before of if it could be dangerous if there is to much negative pressure.

I have a couple good size furnace blower motors that ive collected over the years. one in particular has 4 speeds on it. i am thinking i could take a piece of plywood a little bit bigger then one of my window openings and mount the blower to it. that way i could seal the window up and have it so it is sucking air from the house and blowing it outside. i would have 4 speed setting and i could use it to make negative air pressure in the house to find air leaks. Can a furnace blower cause to much negative pressure that it could pull caulk or foam out of cracks? im talking like a thin layer of caulk that might not have a super strong bond.
you wouldn't be able to measure your air exchange or anything like that but i think you would be able to create a good amount of negative air in your house.

anyone ever done something like this and had good luck?

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