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A reduction in the output of CO2 is not the same thing as a reduction in atmospheric CO2. So while yes COVID created a temporary drop in output it did not create enough of a drop to actually reduce atmospheric CO2.
The incredibly high CO2 levels we are seeing now (416 last time I dared look) are 66 ppm over the 350 mark scientists were originally worried about. And its happened in my lifetime. 350 being surpassed in 1999. Note that CO2 was 335 in 1975 and it was thought that 350 would be hit sometime between 2050 and 2100.
We are in a very difficult place. As record fire storms, record hurricanes, record droughts, coral bleaching etc are all indicating.
Luckily some of us are working to reduce co2 production. Regenerate soils to sequester or store carbon. And generally build and support a regeneration of our biosphere.
If a journey of a thousand steps starts with one: then let the work here be the first.

Current projects
Chevy Volt battery pack conversion

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Business where I sell solar stuff
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Default I'm trying to do my part..

We only have to go a few miles to our babysitting job, and we are getting really good MPG. (See pic).
Plus, we buy our solar & wind power from a Texas company. It's cheap, but the local company charges us a high "Delivery" charge. (1/2 the total cost).
So far this year, we've been able to leave the mini-split heating off during the day and turn it back on, just before we come home.

The only CO2 impact we've noticed around here is the extra Greenery, the great abundance of vines, small trees, thorn bushes, weeds & etc in wooded areas around our home. There are more RedTail hawks hunting in our backyard than I've never seen since we moved here in 1973. My security cameras pick up all kinds of wildlife running around here at night. Mostly Coyotes, Racoons, skunks and one that hasn't been IDed yet. Might be some kind of Fisher Cat or Badger.
We get lots of deer in the winter and flocks of Turkeys in the summer.
More wildlife than I ever expected to see in this densely populated area.

It seems like very few hurricanes these days. I can't recall with the last one hit the Boston area. Pretty rare events up here.
The weather up hasn't been bad at all, since I retired in 2008. Every few years we get extra deep snow! Causing a lot of digging out work.

I'm not sure what a Fire Storm is. But, I've seen a good number trees falling in the swampy areas around here, and it's adding up to a lot of stored fuel. Same thing that happens on the west coast could happen here someday.
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My hobby is installing & trying to repair mini-splits
EPA 608 Type 1 Technician Certification ~ 5 lbs or less..
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I remember the world was supposed to end if we hit 400ppm.

Expect a bumper crop of really strong hurricanes and cyclones as this is perfectly normal during solar maximum ramp up years.
The bureau of land management says 80% to 90% of forest fires are started by people and states have turned fire fighting into a business model allowing absolutely unnatural and insane levels of fuel to build up. Climate change didn't do any of that.

In 1975 the world was building nuclear reactors like crazy. Then stupid people got scared of nuclear and then "coal became the safe option" in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Yeah...

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