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Default Solar Laminates

Has anyone ever had any dealins with solar laminates before. Ive seen them on ebay every now and then. Ive never fooled with them . Wonderin if they would need frames or if you could build 1 big frame and put all of them in ?

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ive looked at them too.. its tempting.. i think that you could just put on the junction box and mount them however you felt would work.. i dont think they need frames but thats just my opinion
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Whether they make sense or not depends on how cheaply you can acquire them, and what you plan to do with them. My standard frame of reference is polycrystalline UL listed panels with frames and boxes for $0.72/W from reputable dealers, with roughly a $500 delivery charge (on a pallet, shipped California to South Florida).

Are these laminates UL listed? Building a grid-tied system usually requires UL listings on all the major components. If you're simply building an off-grid solar shed in the backyard, UL may not be required. (unless you open pandora's box with an insurance company about something having to do with the PV system).
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I have done solar laminates.Do it yourself alternative energy

I definitely would make provisions to allow air to cool the back of the panels unless you live in a very cold place. I bought the junction boxes, laminates and made my own frames from super strut material. I mounted two per frame. That seemed to work best because of the weight. You still have to pick them up and mount them somewhere. Also, I had baseball sized hail a year or so ago. One double panel was broken beyond repair and had to be replaced. It wasn't too difficult because only 2 panels were mounted together.

If you want to start from the solar cells themselves look here: Making decent solar panels series

About 3 months ago, I bought UL listed panels ready to install for the same price I paid for all the materials to assemble them. Laminates alone, as I understand it, cannot be UL listed because they are incomplete.

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