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Default Higgy's 2011 Garden

I purchased some new seeds this year from a local grower. They specialize in keeping old heirloom variety's alive and kicking. I purchased a few different kinds and got a free packet of Georgia Altai's as well (tomato's). I got some tomatoes, pees, peppers, carrot's, beets, spinach, lettuce, cantelope, watermelon, cucumbers and beans. And I'll use some of the other veggies I bought before to finish off my garden. I'm hoping to take these and harvest the seeds in them afterwards, which will mean that I need to leave the carrots and beets over winter and covered really well as they only seed the next year, so I've read.

So I've got about 6 Brandywine and 5 Georgia Altai's up (tomato's) and my father in law will be giving me some Roma's as well. The tomatoes are about 5 inches high now. I've got 3 peppers up as well that are about 2 inches. I can't remember which ones they are...either Doe Hill or King of the North. I also just planted my watermelon (Will's Sugar) and cantelope (can't remember the name). Most of the rest I'll plant in the garden in May. I'll try and put up some pictures when I can.

Also, if we don't move to a new house, I'm adding onto my garden so that I have some more space in the sunlight.

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