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Waterless urinal? You have to target right into the little hole, right?
Seriously, I haven't heard of a waterless u.

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They are actually designed for places like commercial buildings where there are lots of rest rooms and a corresponding sized water bill. Since water (in my area) is billed going into the house AND again coming out, because they assume that it must go out of the house to a waste treatment plant, it is a way to save real money over the long haul. Here's a website I copied to give you a look:

Falcon, Sloan Valve, and ZeroFlush WaterFree Urinals & Cartridges
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There used to be a company called Mister Miser that made a 10 ounces of water per flush urinal that you would close after use, when you closed it it would spray down the entire inside, it costs $300 but looks pretty slick.
I have a duel flush toilet and when I can I walk out side, it's best to pee outside after dark of course, seeing as how we have an average size city lot.
I've only seen one house with a urinal as well, but I know of one other that is planing to install one, mostly due to their septic system and not wanting to upgrade it to handle more water.
the big draw back that I see to urinals is the price, $400-700.
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I appreciate you. This is a very helpful post for me. It's saved my water and keep a clean bathroom. Thanks for sharing your post.

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