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Default SCRAP-E (Electric Tractor Build)

hi all, i am going to start a new project. as the title states it will be a tractor build. but not just a normal tractor build because i am going to attempt to build it from trash(scrap laying around and i am off to a great start.. i hooked up with a scrap guy that brought me over parts from his pile.. it was pretty cool of him since it really is taking money out of his own pocket.since that is how he makes his living. i did help him out by giving him about 400' of chain link fence i ripped out and all the poles.. so he was happy and so was i since we both got what we needed.. now i have a good source for more parts and he does too.. after he left i want up to the golf cart shop which i made friends with the owner a couple of weeks ago.. he stumbled across my tractor i made for Pam and wanted to meet me to sub out some work and tech support for his electric golf carts he repairs.. anyway i stopped by there today and he made my day(i had told him i was in need of a rear axle and motor from a golf cat for my build ) he told me he had something for me and points to a golf cart. told me i could have the rear from it or i could take the whole thing for free.. of course i will be taking the whole thing.. that will save a bunch of money i would have had to put out of my own pocket..
so i am almost there with all the parts i need to start my project.. here is what and why i am doing this.. first i am tired of this TORO ride on either breaking down on me(it's only 4 years old) or blowing a belt they make replacing the belt so hard to put back in and they cost 52 dollars a pop just for the belt.. second i a tired of spending 15 dollars to fill it up each time it needs gas..
so i will make my own electric ride on mower to suit my purpose and how i think it should be.. but it will be simplified for if and when it needs any repairs.. so here it is:
the drive system will be the rear axle and motor of the golf cart the steering system will be either from a ride on mower or the golf cart, need to see what the golf cart steering involves( don't want to complicate thing on this build.
the deck for now it only 38" but will be a 48" deck when my scrap guy comes across one.. the motor for the deck will be a 2.5 HP motor.. both drive system and deck motor will be running off the same battery part which will be 36volt 125 amp hour. that should be plenty of power to cut the 2 acres i've been cutting lately( my grass and the neighbors grass) .. and it will also have a dump bed on it. i think it will be a fun machine when finished.. top speed will be 15 mph but we all know 7 mph is about the right speed for cutting grass but it's always nice to know you have that speed if you ever need it.. if time and money allows i will be setting up some fog lights over the drivers head for night time fun for the kids and me.. if all goes right this build may cost around 250 for batteries and another 100 for odds and ends i may need.. so once again this build will be electric(GREEN) and 80% will be made from scrap which gives it it's new name -SCRAP-E-

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