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Default MTM Solar tracking circuit

Hi Guys

I want to pass on some info on the new MTM Scientific solar tracking circuit board kit with the new programable Picaxe chip and the 8 Amp relays. When you recieve the board the chip is already programed. It has a 1 minute normal delay or can be jumpered for a 10 min delay. The park sequence is only 5 minutes which did not suit my needs. I did some research and found the Picaxe programming editor and downloaded it. After I typed in the program code I found that you can actually fine tune program. I had to get a Picaxe kit which is a small circuit board to put the chip into and a USB cable specifically designed for it. The cost was around $30. After changing the code to any config I want The thing operates beautiful. I got some extra chips and started programing a few with different settings. The sensitivity is also adjustable. Right now I,m running a 4 minute slow delay with a 25 minute park mode. No more relay chattering and works great.

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The SOLAR TRACKER 2 CIRCUIT KIT (Catalog #ST2) from MTM Scientific contains all the electrical parts you need to build a circuit which will automatically find and follow the sun across the sky. This tracker circuit finds the sun at dawn, follows the sun during the day, and resets for the next day. This kit is perfect for driving a single axis solar tracker with a 12 VDC gear motor or linear actuator that you provide. The kit includes 2 photocells, an IC comparator, resistors, diodes, 2 limit switches, 2 relays, terminal connectors and a 20 page booklet. A printed circuit board is also included with the kit, which makes it easy to assemble and test the circuit quickly. The tracker circuit is powered by the same 12 VDC that drives your motor. Single axis solar tracking is great for projects such as solar optical concentrators, solar ovens, fresnel lenses, and solar electric photovoltaic panels. The detailed instructions include the circuit diagram, an explanation of how the circuit works, a description of how single axis sun tracking works and advice for selecting a DC gearhead motor. This kit is perfect for the person that wants a quick start on building a single axis solar tracker. NEW FEATURES of ST2: This updated solar tracker design includes many new and useful features suggested by our customers during the last 5 years. This circuit has automatic reset to the East at sunset to capture first light the next morning. Another useful feature is the simplified wiring connections, which are all made using screw type wire terminals. The circuit board (2.5 x 2.75 inches) has been redesigned to fit inside a standard outdoor junction box. In addition, the ST2 allows using a motor power supply voltage other than 12 VDC, for example a 24 VDC linear actuator. Please note that this is a kit which requires assembly and soldering.
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hey Nanie29
will you post the Circuit diagram for the st2 solar tracker to me
Michael Skov

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