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Default home security

I am planning to renovate my house next month. It was built by my grandfather in 1965 and since then there was no major work done to it. There are many areas where a complete change is required. One thing I will need to keep a check on is the security of my house. We have not taken any security measures yet in the house. Recently there has been a few burglary cases reported in our surroundings and I don't want to take any chances for granted. I need something to be installed at my house after renovation. I have not used anything like this yet and it would like to have more information about it. You guys might have used such systems in your house. So if you could share some important points that need to be noted while selecting and installing then it would help me. Thanks

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oil pan 4
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Most professional thieves don't care about home security systems. 3 or 4 dudes will smash in the door all hit different areas and will be gone about the police are even called.

Don't leave stuff outside, if it looks like a construction site, you get crack heads looking for tools and copper to steal.

Your best bet is cameras and dogs. And not little rat dogs, serious dogs, 60lb and up, something big enough to jump up on someone and rip off an ear.
Cameras because most of these people are known to local law enforcement and they don't want their picture taken.
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If a home security system is not an option for you, you can get some loud dogs, cameras, home security stickers...

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