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Old 03-16-13, 02:12 PM   #1
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Default Motor problem


I bought this motor, but I got it off e-bay instead and it's not starting up. Any ideas of what to look for in regards to take it into repair, I don't think the e-bay seller will provide me any kind of warranty

Thanks in advance,

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The motor you linked to is a 3 phase motor, you have 3 phase power? I ask because it's not common unless you are a farm, factory or commercial building.
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I'm not sure what you had in mind for that 3 phase motor but you can purchase a varible frequency drive for that motor rather inexpensively and have infinite control for that motor, speed control, soft start, braking. I happen to see one 240-120 volt the bid was $18.00

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Default Might ought to return it

If you don't have 3ph power, it's another $200+ (looking at converters on eBay right now) to get a single- to three-phase converter so you can run that motor. Yes, the VFD brings some awesome capabilities but the VFD costs more than you paid for the motor itself. If you don't need those fancy features a plain converter will run you about fifty bucks.

I'm one of the few people I know who actually has three-phase and I don't have a farm or assembly line in my garage. I have a house built by TVA when they wanted to build a model all-electric town, so I've got enough amperage to launch a Space Shuttle. And I don't have a single three-phase motor in my workshop.

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