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Question Dry ice - make your own soda

The fellow at the local DIY beer and wine store said that dry ice will carbonate drinks.
This is good news for me, because every now and then I would like a soda to drink, but avoid them due to what they are packaged in - either plastic or aluminum.
Sure you can recycle the bottle or can, but you are still creating waste from the production of the container, and the process of recycling it over again.

Dry ice supposedly carbonates drinks, and what's even better is that by making your own soda, you can actually make something that is healthier by using real fruit juice and less sugars.

I have never done this though, and I am just repeating what the fellow told me.

So ... has anyone here had sucess with dry ice as a carbonation method ?

One last question for you all : Dry ice is created using CO2 .
In automobiles, CO2 is a pollutant. How are these two CO2 similar / different ?


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they are the same co2, only the one from your car has other impurities, unburnt hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, all that, but either way co2 is a green house gas, the co2 that dry ice is made from is a byproduct from some other industry...
I buy my co2 by the bottle/tank, like soda fountains use, but I have also used dry ice, a chunk about the size of a marble will carbonate a 2 litter soda bottle that is half full, fill it fuller with water and you end up with a dry ice bomb... use a larger chunk and you end up with a dry ice bomb, the f bomb kind that kids have used to blow up mail boxes, they sound like a loud gun shot when they explode, not like a wimpy small caliber riffle.
when you carbonate stuff you want the liquid ice cold as it forms a more stable carbonic acid, co2 also only absorbs in to the surface of the fluid, so you have to create more surface area by shaking it, then let it sit so it can calm down and become a stable carbonated drink, impurities like sugar will also prevent the co2 from absorbing in to the water, that is why pure carbonated water is really sharp and mouton dew is almost flat, if you are doing juice water it down by almost half or the flavor will be to intense to drink and the sugar will be to high to give good fizz.
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co2, homebrew soda, recycling, soda

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