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Default Electric Van Heat Pump/AC (and more!)

Hello All,

I am new to the forum, so forgive me if I have missed an intro, but I searched around and did not find info on this exact product. Please help guide me as you see fit. My background is as a mechanical engineer who dabbles in electronics and control systems.

I am working on a new van build project where the idea is to get as close to an all-electric van as possible in perpetration for an all electric future of travel. The main specifications are a 1.2 kW solar array (possibly more, with a solar awning) powering a 24.8 kwh diy tesla pack (4 p100d model s modules).

Of main concern is heating and cooling. As a base, I would like to build an AC/heatpump that will work off of 48v DC power. Has anyone here done this before? I see some home based systems with out of this world SEER and COP, and would like to get as close as possible.

As a secondary goal, I would like to emulate Tesla, and have Refrigerant -> Glycol HX on both high and low sides, to move energy around in an intelligent manor in order to simultaneously 1) cool a fridge 2) make domestic hot water.

My background in refrigeration is limited, but I can solder and build.

My last question is seemingly very basic. What does it take to turn an AC unit into a heat pump? I is as simple as running the cycle in reverse (swapping power leads..)?

Thanks in advance to whomever got though my wall of text.


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