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Default remove and replace solar for reroofing

My shingles are defective. Even under the solar panels, the shingles are deteriorated. The manufacturer is deciding how much is their responsibility. I'm retired and going to remove and replace the pv array with a little hired labor.
I want to use the same holes to mount the brackets supporting the rails. There are 5/16" studs screwed into the rafters as supports and I want to remove and reuse these. My dilemma is how to find the same holes through the shingles. I think marking the gutters as a close reference and draw a map of the mounts will get me close. I am considering putting a round headed screw in each hole before roofing then using a magnet to find the screws after the shingles are on. I shall smack the screws with a hammer, to define their location, then drill small hole and extract the screw. Then reinstall original stud and flashing and then replace the rails with hardware still mounted on it.
Military gps would probably not be accurate enough and I don't have it.
Any thoughts would be helpful, Thanks.

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You might use a stud finder to locate the screw holes instead of a magnet.
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Let us know how that works out, you may be on to something.

Personally, I would probably just drill new holes and try to drill them in different locations to minimize weak spots in the rafters. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to fill the old holes with epoxy or at least sealant. I'm hoping I don't have to think more about this for twenty years, but then I might be too old to go on the roof.

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