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Lurking Renovator
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so how is the TEDs units working I here good and bad from these. is the best been using it for a few years now funny even from my bed to my main pc I use it.

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Lex Parsimoniae
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My wireless Efergy unit has failed and I was left with only the TED to monitor
my Sanyo's power use.

Unfortunately, the TED is subject to interference from light dimmers and CFLs..
So, it's next to useless when trying to monitor the peaks during power surges.

The alarm feature of the TED is worthless. If I set it for 2.4kW, it will go off and beep
a few times. (Sometimes it doesn't wake me up).
But the worse part is, having the TED alarm go off, then running into look at the display,
and it's no longer displaying real-time power use..
It's stuck in a menu mode.. Asking me if I want to disable the alarms..
It ticks me off to think I spent so much money for this junky monitor!

I was lucky to have a current sensor that I could use to make an over-current alarm for the Sanyo..

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efergy, grid-tie, inverter, solar power

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