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Default Fortis Gas RIP OFF fees cost more then the gas

Thinking about getting natural gas ? think again

Average monthly consumption 8 GJ
Basic charge $12.06
Delivery charge $29.13
Midstream charge $10.42
Cost of gas $30.25
Total monthly bill $81.86

What a Scam ! The price of natural gas has little to do with what your Bill will actually look like. Be prepared to be RAPED by the Gas man as they need your money to buy champagne for their whores and what not.

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Not sure where you live in GVRD, ecomodded, but my last bill (9.3GJ) cost me 111.55bux.

Of course: if you are to read it from the rather dubious way they laid out, it makes you wonder why/how most of the billing comes from, like midstream, delivery, etc.

My biggest qualms has to do with the carbon tax and silly levy, etc.

I knew someone who previously signed up with some outside locked down contract for 3 yrs contract of gas @ something like 8 bux/GJoules and she wasn't better off anyways...., with all those midstream and delivery charges worked out to over 230bux/mnth for 10GJ worth.

and no, I won't put up with that extra 0.5% congestion tax for translink if you ask me.


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