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Old 04-10-09, 09:23 AM   #21
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Oh, and I think the CFL floods are mainly being marketed for recessed can lights for interior locations.

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Old 07-28-09, 03:34 PM   #22
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we have similarly bad electrical supply issues at my house (in Costa Rica)... I've got dozens of 55w halogen lamps with m16 bases and each one has its very own transformer. I'm in the process of replacing them w/ 120v lights (instead of 12v), and removing the transformers.... hoping that eventually an inexpensive 120v LED bulb will be available. Dimmable would be the puppies privates...
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Old 08-05-09, 01:34 AM   #23
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I use the GE problems yet.

you could just write the date on the plastic with a fine tip marker.
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Old 11-18-09, 01:14 PM   #24
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I started the conversion to CFL when they first started to come out... I bought a phillips CFL for $28 back when they first came out (1999/2000 ish?). Longest lasting bulb I have owned to date, ran 24-7 in a hallway fixture for about 4-5 years till it started to "flicker" and was retired to the washroom, finally gave up about a year or so ago. I made the "full" conversion to CFL about 3-4 years ago. All the rest of my bulbs are the "4-pack for $8 at your local home improvement store" CFLs.... I've burned up 3 or 4 of them over the last few years.

What I have learned:
cheap CFLs don't last long
cheap CFL + 24-7 = fast death
cheap CFL + 24-7 + verticle (pointing up) fixture = faster death
cheap CFL + heat (or lack of air flow?) = fastest death.

What I discovered is that using the cheap CFL inside a fixture with a globe kills a CFL in a few months. I on a hunch, did an experiment... after killing 3 cheap CFLs in my hallway fixture (has a globe), instead of completely installing the globe (yes I know I can omit the globe, I chose "fashion" over "form"), I screwed the globe fixing screws in and instead of securing the globe the globe now "sits" on the screws.... its been two years and the CFL hasn't popped yet.

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