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Default Surplus Solis/Ginlong Inverters

My neighbor’s haul from a storage locker auction included 15 Solis/Ginlong grid inverters with models GCI 5k & 10k and CCB 10K. At least five are marked European. These units seem to be from a vendor’s demonstration shown at conferences. Not all are complete and some have burned out IGBTs. I've volunteered to help my neighbor sort out how they can be utilized. So far my on-line searching has not provided the targeted information I need to help me with any ideas I have about parts re-utilization, i.e. like schematics or ID of the various modules within the unit.

If possible I would like to apply these expensive units to an off-grid system for use when my power grid goes out, since power outages happen frequently and for long durations on my side of the neighborhood. However, in my attempt to gather information about them I realize these are not directly applicable as-is to this use; i.e. they are not residential units; most, if not all of them are three phase, and these units were not intended to function when the grid is off line. Hence, I would have to bypass the normal operation of the systems. Clearly I have some knowledge gaps to fill (beyond the rudimentary installation information I was able to find) that I thought this group might be able to help with (resources etc.). Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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IGBT's can handle serious voltage and huge amps. Specs of this for example.
Semikron SKM100GB125DN Dual Half Bridge IGBT Module, 100 A 1200 V, 7-Pin SEMITRANS2, Panel Mount

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