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Default On The Conveyor Belt To Oblivion...

Originally Posted by jeff5may View Post
..."I live on Gilligan's Island and can only mail order a fitting from the web...
Even Gilligan's Island has garage sales.

A huge part of being an EcoRenovator is making something useful and maybe even better out of those artifacts that are already on the conveyor belt to oblivion.

Buy new as a last resort.



I'm not an HVAC technician. In fact, I'm barely even a hacker...
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The cheap version:
Mr Heater - LP Female Throway Adapter 1" X 1/4 MPT - F273754

The expensive version:
Camco 59213 Campfire Propane Adapter : : Automotive


Camco 59213 Campfire Propane Adapter camper Trailer RV | eBay


Thanks,jeff5may ...

The next step is to frustrate mysef in the logistics ...

I made some homework as well ... and found Worthington 308638 WT2201 Basic Brass Propane Torch: Patio, Lawn & Garden
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Originally Posted by AtomTrainer View Post
I am a pro, and i can give you numbers to 8 supply houses that will not touch this stuff!

Nothing right now has a higher price than R22 execpt R12! R22 cost is $485 per drum.

I am not shooting to get the rock bottem price here! I want a refrigerant grade gas. As little as 5% mixture of a seperate gas can skew a compressor test this is why BBQ gas will not work for what i want to do! I have a refrigerant reclaimer I can run the BBQ gas through and remove all the moisture trash ect, but i will still have mixed gases!

If HC refrigerants are ever to be approved for high temp use, traceable studys will need to be done to get people on board.

I have orderd a drum of HC22-A from ES and picked up a test kit from united refrigeration. I will send in a sample to be tested and get a brakedown of what is in the gas, i am also going to send in a sample of BBQ gas for compairson. I will post both reports when I get them back!
I would like to find out whats in ES industrial and went to my local URI, they could not find the test kit and I could not find it online. Do you have a part # or link to a page that has the same or similar test kit?
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Send a message via Yahoo to marx290

I'm also rather interested in getting some HC samples tested.

Looking for a high purity propane, I called and asked around Portland, finding mainly blank stares and confused people. I did eventually get a hold of an Airgas special gas salesman. He said he could get a 20lb tank of 99.5 percent pure, for about $220. Seemed kind of pricey, but then again maybe comparable to some halogen refrigerants (I don't buy 'em). I told him I would consider it in the future.

Personally, I'd rather spend that money on trying to clean up HD-5 myself. It appears there are some proven methods for removing the mercaptan and water, which I want to experiment further, but I'd like to try my hand at further separation of the gases. A fractionating column. I woukd think the ethylene and methane, even in small amounts, might cause some problems, since these are not likely to condense anywhere in a normal system. The butane and isobutane are going to contribute to some glide, I guess, and may not be too troublesome, but I'd like to remove them nonetheless; even if just for the challenge. Propylene has such a close boiling point to propane, that it will be hard to fractionate. It's probably the least of my worries though.

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Default r22 replacement refrigerant

You can get r22 replacement refrigerant now, the updated product.

refrigerantworld . com

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