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Seeing as how you get more heat out of the hot side with warmer air going over the cool side, then it seems like as you cool the compressor you should have that heat heat the cold side of the heat pump, that is assuming that the compressor is only getting in the 100 degree range or so, if it's hotter then that then I would be a little worried.

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Originally Posted by Xringer View Post
I've taken out all the screws and the front panel won't pop off.
And the rear sheet metal cover (lip) is stuck inside the unmovable plastic cover!
Look for more screws.

Look underneath, see if there are any little plastic panels that will open to reveal screws, Look again on the sides. Those little screws really have a way of hiding.

If all of that fails, repeat this mantra:

"It's all for science, it's all for science, etc."

Keep repeating the mantra while you start jimmying the plastic stuff around the edges. Something's gonna start coming loose eventually. If it's all loose except for one area, look again for a screw in that area.

REMEMBER, Freon is odorless and not poisonous, or flammable but it can displace air in your lungs which can kill you. If you start hearing an angry hiss, make sure windows and doors are open and beat a hasty retreat.

You'll get all of the stuff off eventually... just go slow.


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There are only two screws on the front plastic cover. Nothing on the bottom.
I've tried jimmying around the edges and messed up the plastic.. But no joy..

Today, I dehumidified my basement for about 2.5 hours. When I remembered
I had left it on, I went down and scanned the compressor (via the vents) and
it was still about 98 deg F. Never really got that hot.
Maybe the R22 flowing inside it keeps it cool?
The test wasn't too stressful on the AC, since it's 65 down stairs already.
It wouldn't come on, until I set it for 60..

It was pumping out some real cold air, but heat from the hot coil
wasn't that impressive. Got up to about 92 and that was it.

Maybe it will do better in the summer, when it's 10 degs warmer down there..
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heat pump, hot water

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