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Any work being done on the 5th wheel lately?

Current project -
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The first year we went full time in our rv we picked up a "blue flame" chimneyless propane heater, it uses little propane compared to the furnace, and no electricity.
It will heat our rv quite nicely, we turn it off at night and in the morning light it and the furnace if necessary. Works in temps well under freezing.
For the 5th wheel put a couple of golf cart batteries in the bed of the truck so that they get charged when you use the truck, then disconnect them from the truck and connect them to the trailer batteries.
The typical charging set up from truck to trailer is hopeless run a heavy guage wire from the truck battery to the trailer battery with an 80 amp fuse at either end.
There are lots of things you can do to cut cooling bills, we put a track along the opposite side of the trailer from the awning and slide shade cloth into it, you can guy it to stop it flapping, or get fancy and put up a conduit frame to make a second awning area, getting the sides of the trailer out of the sun helps a lot.
Solar panels on the roof with an air gap will shade the roof from sun which will help.
Put a water tank in the back of the truck with a 12v rv pump so you can get water when you go to town. You can drop grey water on the ground, it may be illegal but it does no harm. You can get 5 gallon black plastic shower bags, fill them up leave them in the sun, and you can have hot water for outside shower or for dishes.
15 yrs full time in an rv, 8 yrs full time in a sail boat.
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Originally Posted by doug30293 View Post
I temporarily bypassed my ducts to see if there was a difference in AC on-time and it was substantial. The airborne and mechanical noise levels were also reduced.
I actually have the vent under the AC closed and only use the ducted ones. The vent under the AC is much louder than the others. Slightly different design, maybe? I also have the fan on low, high didn't seem to add much airflow for the extra noise is made.

We're not planning on doing any boondocking in the near future, but an alternative propane heater sounds much better than the furnace if I need to supplement the space heater. We'll have to see how the space heater handles the worst of El Paso's harsh winter.

No new ecomods. My parents came to visit this weekend and my dad helped me plumb the washer. Now it doesn't have to sit in front of the stove so it can connect to the kitchen sink. Makes the space much more livable. Tapped into the kitchen sink's drain and cold supply lines and ran them along the back of the cabinets. No leaks so far.

Next project will be replacing the brakes as the current shoes are fairly cracked. After that, I'm thinking of adding a belly pan to help with aero and insulating the floor and holding tanks. I'm on the fence about doing the Liquid Roof.
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If you find yourself pushing your RV into high or low-temperature extremes, then you may have to double check your RVís insulation. Proper insulation can both keep the RV cool during the warm months and warm during the cooler months. Start with the doors and windows, two of the biggest culprits. The vents can also let outdoor air into your RV. Finally, if none of that works, I recommend you consider re-insulating the RV. Good insulation is paramount for enjoying a long and happy RV life.

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