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Default AC_Hacker installs a new Mini-Split

I installed my original mini-split in around 2009, before I started my Homemade Heat Pump Manifesto project. The heat pump I installed then was a Sanyo KS0971 (+ C0971
+ CL0971). It had what I considered to be a respectable SEER rating. I didn't know as much about these matters at the time, so it seemed like a reasonable choice. Over the years, it has been an extremely reliable performer, kept me comfortable, and saved me a lot of money, compared to the more conventional heating & cooling systems. However, last winter, it went into serious decline nd failure. I have decided to replace it.

I have learned quite a bit about these matters in the intervening years. One thing I learned is that the salesmen & saleswomen don't know as much as they should to properly advise a customer. Of greatest importance to me was that They only mentioned SEER ratings to denote quality. None ever mentioned the rating HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). SEER ratings are of greatest concern when the cooling performance of the mini-split ids of greatest importance. Likewise, HSPF ratings are of the greatest importance when heating is the primary concern. I have learned that SEER ratings and HSPF ratings are not necessarily related, and that a higher SEER does not necessarily indicate a higher HSPF, and vice versa.

So, this time, I did not shop for the best price, but for the highest HSPF, because my concern is for heating performance, and now also with a keen eye on the burden I place on the environment

The model I ended up choosing is a Fujitsu Halcion Model AOURLS3, rated at 3/4 Ton ((9,000 BTU). It was the very best I could find. My house is small and very well insulated, and this size works just fine.

As a comparison, my old Sanyo had the following specs:
SEER = 16
HSPF = 7.7

The new Fujitsu has the following specs:
SEER = 33
HSPF = 14.2

With regard to the HSPF ratings, they can be expressed as COP (Coefficient of Performance) by dividing the HSPF number by 3.12

So the old Sanyo had a COP of 7.7 / 3.12 = 2.47 (pretty good)

the Fujitsu has a COP of 14.2 / 3.12 = 4.55 (jaw dropping performance!)

The amazing performance does NOT mean that I will get more heating or more cooling, but it does mean that the power this Fujitsu uses will be much smaller. I'm less impressed by the lowered cost of energy it consumes, as I am by its greatly reduced load on environmental resources, and a lessened impact on the climate crisis.

It is also interesting is that the Sanyo cost $1300 ten years ago, and the Fujitsu cost $1600 today.

Quite a bargain, I think.

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