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Default HugoW's very slow DIY air-to-water- heat pump build

Hello everybody,

I’ve been lurking here for a while, now I have registered because I have a question. I am planning to make a heat pump, getting energy from the outside air and heating the (return-) water going into the conventional heater via plate heat exchangers. I will be moving house twice (temporary home in between) and renovating the new house in the coming months so I will have little time for this project, but I will continue to plan and maybe purchase. The idea in a simple sketch:

(I see I cannot post pics, yet, please copy/paste and add 3 W's and a dot)

The heater is a conventional gas powered heater for my house which also provides hot water (instantly, no tank). The heater is prepared to accept hot water coming in, for instance from a solar heater of heat pump. It cannot run tap water and heating water at the same time, so I can switch the heat pump from one exchanger to the other if I can find the correct valve.

For controls I have a simple plan which will get more elaborate soon, I fear.
- If flow is detected in one of the two pipes going to the heater (F1 or F2), the switching valve is positioned accordingly and the pump is activated. I think I need to program in a preference for one of the two, probably the tap water, because the pump in the heater can run a few minutes after active heating has stopped. Or maybe I can extract a heating signal from the heater to run the pump, that would be easiest.
- If the delta-T over T1 and T2 is too small while the pump is running, the condenser is probably frozen. Stop working and try again in half an hour or so. If it continues to fail like 3 or 4 times, something else is wrong so stop working and switch on a red LED warning light until I can manually reset it after I fixed the cause.

I need to learn how to calculate flows, pressures, dimensions, etc, what I need for this. But here’s where I need help now; I am being offered a big pump for a few bucks. It comes out of a freezer that was in a food store. Should I buy it? This is the plate on the pump:

(I see I cannot post pics, yet, please copy/paste and add 3 W's and a dot)

It is a pretty big pump, I always think bigger is better but in this case I just don’t know. Please advise!



P.S. If a longer-time member would be so kind as to post the pics, I'd be forever grateful. Which doesn't exactly buy you anything, but anyway, it would be nice.

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