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Default A new shed in progress

Hi all! It's been a long time since I posted, but I have lurked every now and again. Life has been quite busy, and thus my non-attendance.

Anywho, I'm in the process of building a 12x28 shed, and plan on building a Gambrel roof. I figure I can get 4 4x7 foot collectors on the lower roof portion, and hang 4 4x7 foot collectors on the wall. According to Solar Angle Calculator | Solar Panel Angle Calculator, I think the best angle is between 31 and 35 degrees from vertical, or between 55 and 59 degrees from horizontal. This would put the angle just outside of the winter solstice. What say you?

I had to make a 12"x12" footing to meet the city requirements, so, in October or November I will pour the floor. It will be insulated from the compacted gravel underneath, and from the footings on the sides (1 1/2" iso). I intend to run PEX tubing on the mesh before the cement is poured. What say you?

The plan is to heat the pad in winter. It doesn't need to be real warm, but anything above freezing will be a blessing. I also plan to preheat water before it enters the water heater in the house.

The panels that will be hung on the wall will likely be covered during the light-load season to prevent stagnation.

I am told by an acquantance that he is going to give me a PV panel of which I plan to charge a battery bank for powering the shed, and for running the pump.

PS: I really appreciate the knowledge on this forum.

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