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Old 04-02-11, 01:43 PM   #11
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So I thought it was time for an update on my numbers..
Living Space-----1240---115.196
Natural Gas--------------------------28.4-----268.97-----7888.89--68.48
Total------------------------------------------------------------------- 99.33
so that puts my 30+ year old place under a Energy Star house rating

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Old 10-01-11, 06:48 PM   #12
Lurking Renovator
Join Date: Nov 2009
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I felt it was time for another update
oct 2011
-----------------ft^2---m^2--------GJ-------Therms-----W*h----- kWh/m^2
Living Space-----1240---115.196
Natural Gas------------------------27.6-----261.60-----7666.53--66.11
Slowly working my way down ..
This is almost as much fun as Hypermiling!

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hmm this is for an entire year right?

2400 sqft is 223 sqm
from Sept 21 2010 to Sept 21 2011 I used 11655 kwh of electricity. No gas

so that's 52.36 kwh/m^2 or just slightly over half of an energy star home.

This is in a leaky two story built in the early 60's with no foundation insulation, nothing under the slab, and 3.5" of fiberglass in the walls...

If I'm not doing the math wrong then that cord of wood in the winter is making a huge difference.

Interesting I added this as a column on my spreadsheet and at the old 800 sqft mobile home I averaged 127 kwh/sqm with a high of 161 and a min of 104 the 161 being when I didn't think about usage and 104 being me at my most hardcore on my own savings. The new house is averaging 52.2 kwh/sqm with a min of 49 and a high of 54. At least I'm consistent these days...

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insulation, passive house

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