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Originally Posted by Xringer View Post
I guess the idea is to have this reservoir of water sitting in the walls, ready to come out, when things starting to get dry..?. I guess it's mostly a stabilizer. Hey, with all that water, it's going to be a Thermomass! It's going to hold heat from during the warm part of the day..
A temperature stabilizer too..
Yeah, i first came across this idea on a blog about some guy building a house in some Eastern European country. Anyway, he had massively insulated the house and had gone to great lengths to avoid thermal bridging, etc. The guy really knew what he was doing.

His final step was to finish the walls with chicken wire and some kind of clay plaster that he troweled on. He explained he was doing it to stabilize the humidity inside. Looked really great.


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When my family first moved to south Texas in 1951, we lived in a small adobe house.

Looked a little like this..

I think it must have been built in the early 1900s (or before),
The walls were really thick, and I remember it was it was pretty warm in the winter.

The adobe turned out to be too small and we soon moved into a large wooden house that really drafty..

But, back in those days, it cost peanuts to heat a leaky home.

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