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Me not being a very knowledgeable IT guy, it is nice to find out that there are good ways to deal with potential security/privacy risks.

I second the question on the duration of the device remaining. Also, is there anything about this device that might void your WH warranty? Any fine print about if this device malfunctions and causes your WH to burn out pre-maturely the utility is or is not liable?

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Before joining be sure to read the small sprint as you may be required to stay on the program once joined.

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Geo NR Gee
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Some more details of the program......

The device you receive will allow PSE to network with your smart water heater, and test its ability to work with demand response (DR). DR
is a process in which electricity usage can be automatically adjusted by your utility, typically reducing electricity use or shifting electricity use
to other times in the day. Many utilities across the country use DR technology to reduce strain on the grid. Typically DR technology is used
on very hot or cold days when the electric load is high. PSE and other regional utilities are offering this pilot program to learn how to manage
the grid as power availability goes up and down throughout the day from renewable resources like wind and solar.
This pilot effort will moderate your smart water heater’s electricity usage by temporarily adjusting its reheat settings, automatically. While your
smart water heater is experiencing a DR event, it still has the ability to control when and at what rate it heats your water. The smart water
heater will work to make sure you always have hot water in the tank. As part of this pilot, we’re exploring options for using this technology to
improve grid reliability while reducing unnecessary energy usage.
While utility grid operation is complicated, the technology is not. Simply connect the Wi-Fi/radio device and continue to use your water
heater as usual. Ideally, you will never notice a change in your hot water. If you do experience a change, or if you expect higher than normal
hot water usage such as when you have house guests, there’s an override command. At any time, participants will have the ability to
implement a 24-hour override of the DR signal.
Required steps & available incentives:
Step 1: Complete program application (see below)
Step 2: Upon approval, install and register communication device.
Installation is easy and can be done in less
than 15 minutes.
• Once installation and registration is confirmed,
we will pay you $50.
Step 3: Complete the 12-month pilot program by leaving your
device installed and active.
• Once the 12-month period ends, we will pay
you $100.
You may leave the pilot program at any time, but will
not receive the additional $100 if you leave before the
12-month period has been completed.
• Existing home Wi-Fi network that is continually available
• Allows the utility-provided communication module to connect
to the internet
• Allow secure communication to the data collection server
• Primary residence that is continually occupied (no seasonal or
vacation homes)
• Commitment that you will remain at your current address for at
least 12 months
• Eligible water heater*
*This qualification has been pre-verified for your home to the best of our ability. We will reconfirm eligibility once your application has been
submitted. See page 2 for full list of Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions here.....
HOMEOWNER ELIGIBILITY: The Property must have PSE electric service.
Participant will maintain Wi-Fi service so PSE may collect data from Participant’s water
heater. Participant must expect to live at the Property full time and have no plans of
moving or changing residency. Participant is enrolling in the Pilot on a voluntary basis.
REMOTE SIGNALING: Participant understands that PSE will remotely inform
Participant’s water heater to adjust when the tank reheats some of Participant’s
cold water. At times, this process reduces the total volume of hot water available.
This adjustment will occur without any manual intervention by Participant. At any
time, Participant may override PSE control events per the instructions set forth in the
Pilot documentation.
INCENTIVE PAYMENTS: PSE will provide incentives of (i) $50 upon enrollment and
successful installation of the two communication devices, and (ii) $100 upon full
completion of the Pilot, anticipated to be about a year after installation of the devices.
Please allow four to six weeks to receive incentive payments.
TAX LIABILITY: Participant is responsible for any tax liability which may be incurred by
the Participant as a result of participation in the Pilot or receipt of an incentive.
PARTICIPANT RESPONSIBILITIES: Participant assumes the risk of any loss or
damage(s) in connection with installation of the water heater, this Enrollment Agreement
or the Pilot. Participant is solely responsible for any service or repair to Participant’s
water heater, and the water heater’s installation, operation, use or maintenance. PSE
and its representatives and partners make no representation, regarding the design,
sizing, installation, construction, reliability, functionality, efficiency, performance,
operation, maintenance or use of any water heater, equipment or systems analyzed.
ENDORSEMENT: PSE does not endorse any particular manufacturer, contractor or
product. PSE is not performing or supervising any work. PSE is limited in its offerings
at this time to manufacturers or products that Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)
has approved.
SAFETY AND BUILDING CODES: Participant agrees to ensure compliance
with federal, state and local building and environmental codes for the installation
of the product.
PROPERTY RIGHTS: Participant must have proper authority to install the measure(s)
on the designated Property, both physical address and equipment.
INFORMATION COLLECTED: Participant agrees that PSE may make reasonable use
of any information PSE collects during the Pilot, including for administration of the Pilot,
provision of customer support, verification of Participant incentives, and evaluation of
the energy impact of the Pilot. Collected information may include (but is not limited
to) Participant’s name, email address, service address, PSE account number, general
energy usage data, Participant survey responses, runtime data, set-points, and
participation statistics. Participant gives PSE and its representatives express permission
to contact Participant to collect this information. If PSE cannot collect the required
information, Participant may not be able to participate in the Pilot.
INFORMATION RELEASE: Participant agrees that PSE may share collected information
in reports or other documentation submitted to the Washington Utilities & Transportation
Commission, Bonneville Power Administration, or other state or regional agencies
as necessary to meet PSE’s Pilot responsibilities. PSE will share data specific to
Participant’s household with a separate identifier that will not reveal customers personal
information. PSE will not share any personally identifiable information with third parties
unless required by law and will comply with PSE’s privacy policy located at
privacypolicy. Participant agrees to release and hold harmless PSE, its agents and Pilot
partners from any and all losses, liabilities, damages, claims, suits, actions, judgments,
assessments, costs and expenses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, arising
out of this Enrollment Agreement or Participant’s participation in the Pilot. PSE, AND
TERMINATION: PSE reserves the right to revise or terminate this Pilot at any time.
PSE may terminate Participant’s enrollment if Participant fails to meet their obligations
under this Enrollment Agreement. Determination of eligibility for this Pilot and any of its
incentives rests solely with PSE. Not all applicants will qualify for the Pilot. Participant
has the right to terminate the Pilot at any time; however, this will prevent remaining
incentive payments being paid to Participant.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This Enrollment Agreement shall be governed by the
laws of the State of Washington. This Enrollment Agreement constitutes the entire
agreement between PSE and Participant with respect to the Pilot and supersedes
all prior and contemporaneous understandings, agreements, representations and
warranties, both written and oral.
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Geo NR Gee
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I went ahead and installed the device from the electric company. What I have observed is the following:

The first couple of weeks at around 4 to 5pm the water heater heat pump comes on and builds some extra heat in the tank. Then shuts off around 5pm and stays off until a little after 8pm. There is an indicator light that shows it is being controlled by the power company at the peak (I would assume) times when they want to control the electricity usage.

The water temperature coming out of the tank is definitely hotter as experienced when I took a shower at the time it is being controlled.

It looks like they are tweaking their program because I haven't heard the heat pump coming on and building extra heat now for the last few weeks during the peak times. Nor do I see the control light being activated.

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