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Default Japan's Reaction to Fukushima...

Japan has built a massive PV farm:

kyocera floats mega solar power plant in japan

kagoshima nanatsujima mega solar power plant sits off the coast of southern japan, overlooking the ocean bay and grand sakurajima volcano. occupying 1.27 million square meters roughly the same area as 27 baseball stadiums the massive plant is comprised of 290,000 arranged panels. an adjacent tour facility provides visitors, students, and tourists with expansive panoramas of the facility from a circular viewing room and relevant information about environmental issues, a stimulus in the understanding of renewable energy resources for the public sphere.
And here is a video with more detail (in Japanese, but the pictures tell the story):

Why is it that the Japanese can do it and we're locked into inaction?

I think that Obama should try many more solar options.


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Originally Posted by AC_Hacker View Post
I think that Obama should try many more solar options.
As much as I would like to see more solar options be available, it will never fly, at least not in this administration. There are just too many interests out there that gain nothing from solar installations.

But this installation in Japan is really cool. Reminds me of what the UAE did with their "islands".
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Originally Posted by jeff88 View Post
Reminds me of what the UAE did with their "islands".

Since the global economic collapse and ensuing bailout, the islands aren't doing so well. Investors went belly up or bailed out on their commitments and the resulting money shortage has killed progress. The Arabs aren't giving up on the project, partly in fact because they know they are running short on oil reserves to draw from. In the not-so-distant future, they will need another long-term income stream. Perfect example of money driven forward thinking. Hopefully their eggs are in the right basket.

The Japanese government tried the nuclear route to satisfy demand for electricity, and learned (the hard way) the considerable downside of that resource. The disaster made them see that nuclear power did not agree with their positions of conservation and eco-friendliness. Solar power fit right into their long-term plans and also highlighted their ability to source the world with high-tech production systems.

What is happening in Japan as I am writing this post can only be described as a "solar gold rush". Japan has been welcoming ANYONE who has the capability to come and build whatever they can muster to feed the serious power shortage they are experiencing. The ministry of trade has set a goal of over 20 gigawatts of electric power production, and as of now only 4 gigawatts worth of production capacity has been completed. Lots of projects approved in 2011 are failing, due to the contractors' lack of ability to deliver, so the field is still wide open.

The Japanese government is trying to be proactive in this process. They are encouraging producers to come up with other renewable energy sources besides solar. They are knocking the "jack-legs" out of projects they cannot complete to make room for firms that can and have. Meanwhile, the nation is importing LNG and coal to feed the power industry, paying a pretty penny for the inconvenience.

I really hope that Japan can pull this one off. It would be a tremendous model for the rest of the world.

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I'd like to know who is actually think of putting up more NUC plants. The only ones i do know of is bloody Ontario where the NUC industry have the politicians wrapped around their little finger and where NO nuc project has ever been built at less than 50% about the estimates.

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