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If I was building a house from scratch there are all kinds of things that I would do, but as it is I live in a house build in 1906, it's great tho, it's right in the middle of everything, often times my car doesn't move all weekend, half my friends live within a few blocks and it's a solid example of why houses should be built to last well over 100 years! but when it was built it might not have even had indoor plumbing, the first toilet was in the basement (gone now) and both bath rooms are where bedrooms used to be and as I said already, venting the moist air in to the rest of the house seems to cause moisture build up on the living room windows because even tho it's 105 years old we've managed to seal this house up pretty tight so humidity is an issue, my indoor out door thermometer gives a humidity reading as well.
Before I remodel my next bath room I hope to try the dehumidifier, because if it does work then I see no reason not to build in a space for it to live in the bath room with a humidistat and a timer so you can manually turn it on or have it come on automatically, the dehumidifier I have right now is sized for my basement, much larger then the bath room, so even if it doesn't keep up with keeping the moisture level down, something that the bath vent fan doesn't do either, it should dry out the room over the course of a half hour or so, in the summer we've tried using it to dry out the air in the upper levels of the house took an hour to lower the humidity from 95% to 70% in 1,200 sf of living space.

Also, on the side topic that has come up, I see no reason not to put urine on or around the garden, altho the salts can kill some plants, I pee around my garden all the time to keep rabbits and deer away and if my city lot was bigger I would have an outhouse, I spent around a 1/3 of my life without in door plumbing and I rather enjoy out houses, if we designed they have a much fresher cleaner feel then pooping in the same building that you prepare and eat food in.

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I just moved my dehumidifier from spare room to bathroom.
We have very high humidity here, so outside air isn't much drier than bathroom air.
In winter it is fantastic for a little heat, in summer, not ideal, but maybe better tha outside air.
No vent in any of our bathrooms fail.

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