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Default MEMPHIS builds a house

So I never thought I would say this but we now have plans on moving, the current location/house/stress is not what we want. So we have plans on moving to another county (this one is getting way to strict in all the wrong ways). Looking at a 1,500-1,800 square foot 3 bed 2 bath house with a 10x12 (not heated and cooled, just insulated) basement/root cellar. I want it to be as efficient as money will allow, I will doing most of the work myself as NO one in the area knows how to build a tight super insulated house.

Thoughts so are:
-2x6 exterior walls on 24" centers with 1 of spray foam and the rest filled with fiberglass or cellulose

-3/4 ridge foam wrapped, with 1/2 osb sheeting on top and then wrapped in a good moisture barrier/air seal

-roof with 3/4 ridge foam and vertical 1x4's strips to allow the silver tin roof to vent.

-vented brick exterior

-dense packed cellulose in the ceiling to about R40

-insulated slab floors (though I am finding places saying uninsulated is better)

-vinyl 9mm fake wood tung and groove flooring

-5 total mini splits 2 of these for where we will be most of the time Gree Crown 9 000 BTU Ductless Mini Split System Remote 25' Lineset 208 230V | eBay and a set of these for everywhere else 27000 BTU Tri Zone Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump SEER 23 | eBay

-Looking at this hrv Panasonic FV-04VE1 WhisperComfort Ventilator, ERV

-There will be a wood fireplace for back up heat

-all led lighting wired 12v

-all dc ceiling fans (each bed room and one in the great room)

-heat pump water heater in the basement/root cellar

-good at least triple pane windows with double low e coatings

My goal is to make a house that isn't out of the park expensive but can still out perform 90% of houses built today.

I think I am set on no geothermal for the main house, I might put in tubes in the floor just in case I want to build a DIY geothermal heated floor for the main rooms of the house.

I am doing tons of research into how to position the house for best solar

My cooling days are more than my heating so im looking into how and where to add radiant barriers.

Opinion on if a should build in a way to prevent thermal bridging? Or is it not as big a deal down south?

Any tips, tricks, or links would be awesome. This is going to turn into a long long thread as I post building pictures and as always a step by step over view.

Thanks guys and Shalom

שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל ה' אֱלֹהֵינוּ ה' אֶחָד

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