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Originally Posted by kbhale View Post
I believe your very much right on the dead end heat pocket. I also came up with the desire for a grill / hot plate and a oven. in the final build. Probably need two rockets one for grill and water and one for the oven. Here is my idea for the water. Do plan to keep the coil around the riser and have it feed the tank.

I did a little rework on the copper of my current rocket. It's supplying all the hot water I need for my BBQ kitchen. I can bring up 500 gallon up four degrees in 3-4 hours. A 5 gallon bucket packed wood and paper well give me 10 degrees. I'm hoping this well improve with the final build having more mass to capture the heat.

So, I'm right? About it not getting very hot up at the top 'dead-end-heat-pocket'?

Looking at your 'double-rocket' drawing, I'm not sure that I'm understanding the layout correctly,
but it seems like the exhaust is down on the lower right side of the pic.?.

If that's the case, then hot gas has to travel around a lot of obstacles,
Before it can get to the real chimney..
Which seems like it's going to cut down the draft, and the obstacles are
going to absorb much of the heat from the exhaust gas..

For the main chimney to work correctly, it must have some really hot
exhaust gas coming into it.. I think you might have a problem getting
a good draft.. Unless, you feed in a LOT of fuel..
(Or, your main chimney is really tall).

It seems like a waste of fuel to be heating the cook-top whenever you
want to heat water..
If I was designing this for myself, I would likely want to build two separate Rockets,
one for cooking, and one for hot-water..
Two fuel ports with fuel-loading doors/air-blocks, to stop air input when they weren't in use.

Maybe have an upside-down 'Y' connection to the main chimney.?.
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